Stop Blowing Your Money Away


I feel overwhelming shame about my relationship with money.  It is one of my big three stressors. Just thinking about it causes me incredible anxiety.  I feel incredibly stupid when I’m seeking help from others, and they say things like, “all you have to do…” Talk about stress!

But this video posted on the Be Like Water blog helped me understand why controlling my spending is such a challenge and how I can overcome it. It suggests using cash as my go-to method of payment, stop eating out, and eliminating purchases with no long-term benefit (Starbucks tea, pad thai, Ohh….what is that shiny new thing!!)

Baby Steps

I have started saving. I’ve signed up for Digit and Acorns, which help me save an invest automatically.  It’s very low stress and gives me confidence that I can really do this thing!

Digit is a pretty simple savings app.  It take a couple of dollars out of my account randomly throughout the month and puts it into a separate account. I love the regular text alerts as well as the option to save more or less. I can get it back if I need it of course, and they guarantee that they will not overdraft my account.  It actually made me pretty excited about saving.

Acorns, an investment tool, is a little different.  For each purchase I make, it takes the change and rounds it to the next dollar, and when it reaches five dollars, it pulls the money from my account and invests it.  Now, this app really helped me see how much money I was spending!  It seemed like every time I turned around; it was taking money out! But like Digit, you can withdraw money from it as well.

My goal, of course, is not to make any withdrawals.  Instead, I want to change my spending habits.  I AM changing my spending habits.

be free.




2016: The Year of Discipline

I read somewhere that January is really a practice month and that the year officially starts in February.  So, since January is almost over…yeah, I’m going with that.quote-Dalai-Lama-whether-you-call-it-buddhism-or-another-143185

It was suggested that I make 2016 my year of discipline — to bring to fruition the various talents, goals, and projects that have been incubating in my head.  I accept.

While it may seem like I’m off to a late start, I’m not.  I had some mental sorting to do.   But through this process, I discovered that writing will help get it out of my head and make it easier to track my *actual* progress.  So I write.

Discipline vs. Stress

I’ve always viewed stress as an external force.  But I am learning that much of what I consider “stress” in very much within my control.  It depends very much on my input/output.

border collie dog keeps cake on her nose
Leave it…leave it….
  • Mental & Spiritual – People tend to think negatively, so I’ve started a program of meditation and affirmations.  Also, I am more conscience of what I send out into the universe.  It listens and responds in-kind.
  • Physical – I’m changing what I eat.  If it makes me feel crappy, it’s off the menu! I’ve also reignited my passion for yoga.  I feel stronger every day!!
  • Financial – Money has always been a difficult subject for me, but I am determined to work passed this issue using all the tools at my disposal.

So there you have it.  I don’t expect to have it all figured out by December, but I will make significant strides.   And of course, I will have a lot of fun along the way!!