National Puppy Day!

I love dogs. They are living examples of mindfulness, honesty, loyalty and true compassion. So on National Puppy Day, here are a few dogs that have touched my life.

be free



Kobe Jackson – My first dog. He was an amazing being. I learned so much about love and loyalty from him. I still miss him.
Tyson Jackson, my second dog.  He was so loving and sweet, but he had severe Pica, which made things very hard.
Dog named Moo. So cute. This is one of my favorite pictures



2016: The Year of Discipline

I read somewhere that January is really a practice month and that the year officially starts in February.  So, since January is almost over…yeah, I’m going with that.quote-Dalai-Lama-whether-you-call-it-buddhism-or-another-143185

It was suggested that I make 2016 my year of discipline — to bring to fruition the various talents, goals, and projects that have been incubating in my head.  I accept.

While it may seem like I’m off to a late start, I’m not.  I had some mental sorting to do.   But through this process, I discovered that writing will help get it out of my head and make it easier to track my *actual* progress.  So I write.

Discipline vs. Stress

I’ve always viewed stress as an external force.  But I am learning that much of what I consider “stress” in very much within my control.  It depends very much on my input/output.

border collie dog keeps cake on her nose
Leave it…leave it….
  • Mental & Spiritual – People tend to think negatively, so I’ve started a program of meditation and affirmations.  Also, I am more conscience of what I send out into the universe.  It listens and responds in-kind.
  • Physical – I’m changing what I eat.  If it makes me feel crappy, it’s off the menu! I’ve also reignited my passion for yoga.  I feel stronger every day!!
  • Financial – Money has always been a difficult subject for me, but I am determined to work passed this issue using all the tools at my disposal.

So there you have it.  I don’t expect to have it all figured out by December, but I will make significant strides.   And of course, I will have a lot of fun along the way!!