Coaching Programs

Coaching is a thought-provoking, creative, conversational process done in partnership with clients to help them maximize their potential to overcome obstacles and challenges and make necessary changes to achieve their desired outcomes. In contrast, training is a process for transferring skills and knowledge to develop specific capabilities and understandings.


Coaching and training are great complementary approaches to helping people develop. Unstress My Life uses both approaches. Our foundational 90-Day Stress Detox program is a hybrid coaching and training program that helps you learn how to better control and reduce stress by teaching you broadly applicable skills as well as discovering unique solutions to your specific stress challenges. In contrast, our advanced Stress Mastery program uses a pure coaching methodology that builds on the foundational program.

The 90-Day Stress Detox

The 90-Day Stress Detox program helps you rapidly overcome and heal from chronic or high amounts of stress that are limiting your career performance and success, damaging your physical and mental health, and undermining your overall quality of life. You will gain knowledge and develop skills that will enable you to better control and reduce stress before it happens, limit its impact on you, and recover more quickly from stress after it has occured.


This program is not a meditation, relaxation, yoga, or journaling course. This unique approach to stress management leverages concepts and techniques from multiple fields of knowledge and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback technology. It will teach you valuable skills you can easily apply in only a few minutes per day that will help build your resilience to future stress, manage, and rebalance your autonomic nervous system, and change the way you deal with stressors at work and in life at large so you can feel better, think better, perform better, and protect your health.


The program includes:

  • Ten, 1-hour coaching and training sessions over three months
  • A Client Guide for referencing stress concepts and stress management techniques
  • HRV biofeedback guidance and instruction
  • HRV monitor and phone application
  • Access to an online dashboard for HRV tracking and data interpretation with your coach
  • Two CSA stress assessments - one at the start of the program and one when you complete the program


Benefits from stress reduction include reduced anxiety, less worry, improved energy and mood, reduced aches and pains, better cognitive functions, increased motivation, weight loss, improved quality of sleep, enhanced immune function, increased physical performance, and higher productivity to name just a few. Contact us and learn how to start taking back control of your mind-body and free yourself from chronic stress.


Stress Mastery Coaching

The Stress Mastery Coaching program is an advanced program that builds on where the 90-Day Stress Detox program finishes. Stress Mastery helps you transform your mindset so you not only respond differently to stressors, but you begin to perceive them in different ways and experience much less stress, or sometimes none, from situations that used to trigger a stress response in you. Put another way, if stress were an out-of-control fire, the 90-Day Stress Detox would be the way to quickly put the fire out. Stress Mastery is designed to keep the fire from getting out of control or even prevent the fire in the first place.


This program uses a concept called The Seven Levels of Consciousness, applications from Neurolinguistics, and a variety of emotional and cognitive restructuring methods in a one-on-one coaching format that works with your unique situations, challenges, and experiences to help you transform the way you think, feel and behave so that you experience much less judgment, take things less personally, and begin to view stressful challenges as opportunities for you and others.


The program includes:

  • 12 biweekly, 1-hour coaching sessions over six months
  • Two ELI Assessments – an assessment that measures your level of consciousness when you are stressed in contrast to when things are going well for you
  • Unlimited email support between coaching sessions


Benefits from this program include less stress, greater self-awareness, increased engagement, improved emotional intelligence, enhanced leadership ability, and a unique and powerful way of understanding your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in addition to those of others giving you greater choice in how you respond to challenges.