Helping corporate leaders and entrepreneurs break free from stress and build unstoppable resilience, optimal performance, greater success, and enhanced well-being.

Our Approach to Stress Managment

Unstress My Life helps leaders learn to control and reduce stress using an innovative approach that blends methods and principles based on physiology, behavioral change, cognitive and emotional restructuring techniques, and Heart Rate Variability technology. Our approach is designed to help leaders prevent chronic stress from developing, or quickly recover from chronic or high levels of stress and reestablish their leadership effectiveness and well-being.


Everyone experiences stress, but leaders, whether they are a part of a well-established corporate structure or an entrepreneur working to grow their start-up business into a mature and sustainable company, frequently deal with even greater levels of stress because of the added responsibilities and challenges of their role. Therefore, leaders need to learn how to recognize and control stress effectively before it impacts not only their performance and well-being, but also the teams, departments, and companies they are responsible for.