Stress Assessments

CSA Stress Assessment

The CSA Stress Assessment helps you understand where stress is impacting you the most in your life, and how significant the impact is. The assessment includes a 45-minute debrief to discuss the results and help you pinpoint areas where stress reduction efforts should be focused to have the greatest beneficial effect, as well as understand areas of strength that can be enhanced to increase your resilience to stress. This assessment is part of our foundational 90-Day Stress Detox program and is also offered as a standalone service for those simply interested in getting a quick stress evaluation. It is an excellent method for discovering your current stress level and tracking progress in stress reduction over time.


The CSA Stress Assessment was developed by clinical psychologists, has been validated through statistical analysis, and used with clients in over 147 countries. It measures stress in 15 areas of personal and professional life providing you with deep insight into your experience of stress. The assessment is also available in a team format to help leaders and their teams gain a better understanding of how stress is impacting them as a group. If you want to gain deeper insight into what types of stress you or your team are experiencing, reach out to us at and request an assessment and debrief today.


ELI Assessment

The ELI Assessment is available through our advanced Stress Mastery Coaching program and measures your level of consciousness based on your attitude, perception, and perspective on the world. The assessment is both a measuring device and a teaching tool that helps you understand how your perceptions, thoughts, and emotions are altered when you are experiencing stress and the impact that has on you and others. Like the CSA, the ELI can be taken multiple times to track your progress.