Stress Management


Many people think of stress management as simply taking time to relax, exercise, or meditate. While those activities are beneficial for our well-being, they are often not enough to effectively deal with frequent or chronic stress that undermines our performance on the job, damages our health, and disrupts our enjoyment of life.


Effectively managing stress is about managing the nervous system, specifically, the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS is the lever that moves the mind-body systems to a balanced or imbalanced state. Therefore, when we learn how to manage the ANS, we gain greater control over the stress response. Unstress My Life's approach to managing stress teaches you how to manage your ANS through behavior, physical, emotional, and cognitive methods that go beyond simple relaxation techniques.


Our approach to stress management utilizes:

  • Statistically validated stress assessments that help you become more aware of your stress triggers and understand how stress is impacting you
  • Heart Rate Variability monitoring, interpretation, and instruction that enables you to easily and objectively track the status of your ANS in less than 3 minutes per day on a smartphone application
  • Innovative techniques to help build your resilience to stress, reduce the impact of stress, and recover more quickly after a stressful experience
  • Individualized coaching to address your unique stress challenges
  • Stress education to build your awareness and understanding of stress in yourself and others